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Our IT department supports 4,300 students, 600 certified staff, and 250 non-certified staff members with their technology needs.

Our student "Wizards" internship program teaches students important IT skills that they can take with them after they graduate.

We service & support:

  • 💻 5,000 Chromebooks
  • 🖥 1,200 Desktops
  • 📱 200 iPads
  • 🌐 350 wireless access points
  • 🖥 11 websites
  • 📠 Copiers
  • 📞 Phones
  • 🎙 Intercoms
  • 🌐 Network infrastructure
  • 📈 Student information system
  • 💵 Financial System
  • 🖱 Apps & Software
  • 🔥 Hotspots
  • 💬 Communications
  • 📊 State reports
  • 🔮 Assessment tools
  • ... and much more!

Google Family Involvement

Did you know that the Google Apps For Education (also known as G Suite For Education) includes great opportunities for parent/guardian involvement?

For instance, you can receive email summaries from your child's Google Classrooms as a guardian and sign in with your child's Google Account to see all of the work in their Google Drive.

Google Classroom Guardian Email Summary

Your child's teacher may make use of the guardian email summary functionality of Google Classroom. Please see your child's teacher for details.

When guardians join Classroom, they receive regular, automatic email summaries for each of their students. Guardians choose the frequency of the emails daily or weekly and can unsubscribe at any time.

Guardian email summaries include:

  • Missing work — Work that’s late at the time the email was sent
  • Upcoming work — Work that’s due today and tomorrow (for daily emails) or work that’s due in the upcoming week (for weekly emails)
  • Class activity — Announcements, assignments, and questions recently posted by teachers

Signing In With Your Child’s Google Account

You can also login with your child’s account to see their Google Classroom “Stream” which includes materials, links, etc. that the teacher has shared out.

Logging into your child’s account also allows you to see their work, including files in Google Drive and more. It’s a great way to review your child’s work and provides an opportunity for discussion around what they did in school today. Ask your child for their login credentials.


IT Director Alan Merly collecting chromebooks for repair
Student working on a Chromebook in class.
IT staff collecting Chromebooks for repair.


Chromebook Troubleshooting

IT Staff

Alan Merly

Alan Merly

Information Technology Director
Devin Millette

Devin Millette

IT Technician
Scott Roncarti

Scott Roncarti

Sr. Systems Admin
Hunter Teixeira

Hunter Teixeira

IT Technician
Erica Veronesi

Erica Veronesi

Student Information & Data Support Specialist
Jamie Veronesi

Jamie Veronesi

Systems Engineer

Caitlin Wardlow

Communications Specialist