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Welcome to Naugatuck Public Schools, a place where our staff feels supported as they work to inspire our diverse student body.

Our Values

We are seeking qualified candidates who:

  • Share our belief that all children have capacities for learning that exceed our current expectations
  • See themselves as a learner and is collaborative
  • Believe that their practice and their relationships with students is the key to them meeting or exceeding our expectations
  • Value the diversity of our community and relationships with  families
Naugatuck logo with words describing staff including: amazing, awesome, best, caring, dedicated, phenomenal and wonderful.

We asked our community to describe our staff in one word.

This is what they said: adored, affectionate, amazing, asset, awesome, best, blessed, caring, committed, compassionate, conscientious, dedicated, devoted, excellent, exceptional, fabulous, family, fantastic, fire, gem, great, incredible, innovative, inspirational, kind, loving, outsanding, passionate, patient, phenomenal, positive, resourceful, rocks, special, star, superstar, supportive, sweent, talented, terrific, warm, and wonderful!


Why join the Naugatuck Family?

We are a welcoming community filled with people passionate about learning without limits. We recognize that our diversity is our superpower. 

Wherever you come from, you belong here.

In a survey of new hires, our staff said the top reason they chose to work in Naugatuck was: 

  • Welcoming atmosphere (87%)
  • Opportunity to make a difference (68%)
  • Professional learning opportunities (48%)
  • Mentoring/support (48%)

"I understand that Naugatuck holds extremely high standards for both their staff and their students. I am looking forward to working for a district where such a strong emphasis is put on being here for the kids." - anonymous staff survey


Meet our 2022-23 Teacher of the Year

Lisa works as a formal mentor to our Teacher in Residence while also supporting her newer colleagues in an informal capacity.

Lisa shares our passion for social emotional learning and building strong relationships with students. 😍

What our community has to say about our staff

Tracy Roberts, Tori Yoos & Sue Wackman standing in cafeteria

"Tracy, Tori and Sue go above and beyond for the students and staff at Cross Street School. They are personable and know all students by name. They can even tell you what each student's favorite breakfast and lunch is. They never complain about anything and always have smiles to go around. Many times it can be forgotten what goes on behind the scenes but without these ladies our school would not be the same."

Joseph Theroux with a student

My daughter is a great fan of Mr. Theroux's teaching and she never wanted to miss his classes. He had worked hard to make the 7th grade a fun learning for my daughter even though they were having hybrid model last year. An amazing teacher and glad he was also a homeroom teacher for my daughter. Thank you Sir!!

Kayla Pregano

"Miss Pregano goes above an beyond even after her students have moved on to 5th grade. She has made personalized gifts for her students, and has written multiple letters to keep in touch. She brought Jayden flowers and supported her when she ran her first race. You are a lovely person Miss Pregano and your students will always remember you as being caring and thoughtful!!"

Crystal Rodriguez

"She is so sweet and kind hearted. She always makes sure everyone around her is good. She always brings great positive energy. She is a Naugatuck High Alumni! Crystal always mentions how much she loves her students."

Michele Luchene

He always goes above and beyond to make sure my son is doing his best in school! My son looks forward to going to school everyday because of Mr. Luchene! He truly cares about each and every student like they were his own! Thank you Mr. Luchene for everything you do!

Dora Rogriguez

"Dora demonstrates compassion and patience for all of her students and fellow teachers. She is someone you could depend on and who you know will go that extra mile."

Emanuel Arboleda

"He’s the man - loves his job so much and led us to being state and regional champions. Couldn’t ask for a better teacher."

Amanda Nagurney

"Mrs. Nagurney has gave us such an amazing year to the best of her ability. With a full distance learning geometry class at the end of exhausting days she did her absolute best to make classes fun and push us through the end of the day. She always made our class laugh and sneaked a few jokes and off topic conversations in to keep our attention and keep class enjoyable."