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Illness: When to keep your child home

We adhere to the following medical advice and Dr. Allyson Rovetto’s orders for exclusion for the protection of all.

When to keep your sick child home from school

  1. Children who have signs of communicable diseases should not be sent to school. (example: fever, undiagnosed rash)
  2. Parents should notify the school when their child is ill.
  3. Children with a fever of 100 degrees or more should be excluded from school until fever-free for 24 hours without using anti-fever medication.
  4. If your child is dismissed from school for diarrhea, vomiting and/or fever, your child must be symptom free for 24 hours before returning to school.

If your child is sent home for illness

Students being excused for an illness by the nurse must be picked up by a parent or an appointed responsible adult. They may not remain in school for the remainder of the day, nor may they ride the school bus home.

 If your child has one of the following diseases, follow the guidelines below.

Disease Patient Other children from family
Mumps Until glands are normal. No exclusion
Measles Fourteen Days after rash appears. Consult family physician
German Measles One week. No exclusion
Chicken Pox Until no new crops appear; at least 10 days. No exclusion
Whooping cough During active spasmodic stage; at least 2 weeks. Two weeks from exposure
Impetigo Until thoroughly cure or at discretion of school nurse. No exclusion
Scabies & Ringworm Until after treatment. No exclusion
Pink Eye Until thoroughly cured; must have 24 hours of antibiotics. No exclusion
Shingles Until no new crops; MD note to return No exclusion

Thank you for your help in observing these regulations and guidelines. If you have any questions, please contact your school nurse.