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ARP ESSER Grant Priorities

Naugatuck Public Schools is poised to receive $7,990,325 in ARP grant funding to be expended over the next two school years.  The CT State Department of Education has created five Priority Areas for school districts to consider when determining the allocation of funding.  The graphic below highlights Naugatuck’s initial plans for funding ESSER II and ARP priorities in each of the designated areas of the grants.  The initial plans for funding were based on a comprehensive needs assessment conducted by administration in the spring of 2021.  

The 5 CSDE Priorities & NPS's Initial Planned Use of Funds

Learning Acceleration, Academic Renewal, and Student Enrichment

Academic supports to accelerate learning and facilitate recovery including expanded Summer School, Kindergarten Transition Academy, Extended Day Programs (before, during and after school time), Curriculum Development and Revision to Support Acceleration of Learning and Cultural Responsiveness, Professional Learning to Support academic recovery, additional classroom teachers for class size.

Social, Emotional, and Mental Health of the Students and of the School Staff

Additional behavioral and mental health services delivered in-person or via remote/ telehealth access and social and emotional support mechanisms. This includes partnering with several community support agencies, increasing support staff to provide additional social, emotional, and mental health needs in school, and implementing a new mental health and well-being program at NHS.

Family and Community Connections

Direct engagement with families and the community, as well as opportunities to increase initiatives that engage school, family and community connections. This includes funding for Parent Engagement Activities and Family Outreach, Funding support for PLTI, Parent Leadership Training Institute, Partner with a consultant to improve engagement practices.

Strategic Use of Technology

Maintain or upgrade access to technology and connectivity.  Replacement of damaged, lost, or end of life Chromebooks to ensure each student is provided with a district Chromebook, Additional IT staff member to support expanded technology, Audit usage of existing software, professional learning to support effective data analysis.

Building Safe and Healthy Schools

Through a continued emphasis on public health safety measures and to support the physical health and safety of our students and staff, provide  isolation monitors and personal protective equipment and supplies for each school, additional training and health related professional learning for nurses, and improve ventilation and facilities.