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Asbestos Letter/AHERA

 Notification of Asbestos Management Plan Availability and Response Actions

The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (40 CFR 763) and the State of Connecticut Asbestos-Containing Materials in Schools Regulation (CT State Statutes 19a-333-1 through 13) requires that written notice be given annually that the schools and education programs listed below have management plans for the safe control and maintenance of asbestos-containing materials (ACM) found in the buildings.

These management plans are available and accessible to the general public at each school's and programs administrative office and at the Board of Education Office during regular business hours. These management plans also satisfy the school district's employer hazard communication requirements under the Federal Department of Labor (OSHA) asbestos exposure General Industry Standard (29 CFR 1910.1001).

Naugatuck Public Schools




Naugatuck High School

543 Rubber Avenue


Andrew Avenue Elementary School

140 Andrew Avenue


Salem Elementary School

124 Meadow Street


Board of Ed. Administrative Offices

497 Rubber Avenue


Cross Street Intermediate School

120 Cross Street


Western Elementary School

108 Pine Street


City Hill Middle School

441 City Hill Street


Central Avenue Preschool

28 Central Avenue


Hillside Intermediate School

51 Hillside Avenue


Hop Brook Elementary School

75 Crown Street


Maple Hill Elementary School

341 Maple Hill Road


Additionally, this serves as notice that the three-year re-inspection of asbestos-containing materials was completed in July, 2018. Since the previous re-inspection of 2015: Asbestos cement boards (transite panels) were removed from door systems at Cross Street School during the spring of 2015. Roofs were replaced at Hillside Intermediate School and Western Elementary School. During August of 2017, a partial abatement of asbestos containing ceiling tile and pipe insulation was completed in the lower level of Central Ave. School to repair a plumbing issue. At Western School a 10ftx10ft section of cafeteria floor tile mastic and insulated pipe in the basement was abated during April of 2018. At City Hill Middle School a 20 x 25 section of lower stairway landing tile and mastic was removed in August 2018. The next AHERA three year re-inspection of our public schools is planned for July, 2021.