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Family Liaisons

Seven family liaisons posing in front of City Hill Middle School

Meet our family liaisons!

Our Family Liaisons work to bridge the gap between school and home life by building relationships and being a trusted resource. They are here to help with needs beyond what the school can offer by providing information, bringing in programs and encouraging family engagement

Shannon Corbett

Naugatuck High School

How do you connect with families?

I connect with families by keeping an open line of communication whether it be by phone, email, or simply stopping in my office to see me. My door is always open for everyone. I keep myself very flexible to suit the needs of the parents and students that are in need of my help and or advice. I make sure that families know that I am here for them and will do whatever it takes to have their voices heard and their questions answered. 

Who are your children?

As of right now I do not have any children of my own, however all of my students are my children. I am here for whatever they need, big or small. I do have a 6 year old chihuahua named Charlie and she is my heart. 

Why did you become a family liaison?

This job found me and I couldn't be happier. I love being able to find the positive in every situation and be the bridge between home and school life. I had an amazing high school experience here at NHS and I want to be a part of giving that to the generations to come. I enjoy being the support for both students and parents to help watch these students become young successful adults. 

 What do you and your family do together?

My family and I enjoy taking mini vacations together, whether it's camping, snowmobiling, or a beach trip, we find joy in the small things. Making time for the people I love is always a priority. And of course our dog Charlie is always there for the adventure with us. 

Amy Dorsey

Amy Dorsey

Western Elementary

My name is Amy Dorsey and I’m the Family Liaison at Western Elementary School.

I have had the opportunity to volunteer at WES for eight years, starting when my daughter began first grade. I have helped at the Western School library since that time and I’ve gotten to know the children and families of our school. I’m an active member of our PTO. I am so proud to
now be an employee of Naugatuck Public Schools and be at Western in a role I’m very passionate about; helping our children! My son currently attends Western as a third grader.

My goal is to be a bridge between our school and our families, and to help students and their families thrive in our vibrant and engaging community. I’m available at any time to answer your
questions, meet with you, and connect you with the many resources the borough has to offer.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or if I may be of help in any way. I can be reached by email, phone, or through ParentSquare.

I look forward to meeting you!

Katty Arce

Hop Brook Elementary School

Mayerling Brice

Maple Hill Elementary School

Edward Smith

Edward Smith

Hillside Intermediate School

My name is Edward Smith and I am extremely excited about my second year in my role as Family Liaison at Hillside Intermediate. 

I am enjoying continuing to assist Students, Parents and Families while providing support. Last year, I had the pleasure of connecting with many students to assist them with positive direction needed for a productive school year. 

My goal is to connect with families while encouraging and promoting academic growth. I became a Parent Liaison because I am focused and passionate in aiding positive relationships between parents, teachers, personnel and students.

I am currently, officiating boys basketball, umpiring girls softball and working as a camp counselor in the city of Waterbury during the summer. 

My background includes my career in boxing, which gave me discipline and self preservation. I have also enjoyed playing several sports such as basketball, football & baseball. I feel being heavily involved in sports has helped me tremendously. My old boxing coach had a saying, “Stay in sports & you’ll stay out of courts;" a lesson that I believe and live by. I also enjoyed coaching my son throughout his childhood. 

My son & I enjoy hanging out and we also enjoy watching the games together. Especially, our love and passion for our favorite football team, the Pittsburgh Steelers.  

My Family and I enjoy game night. We look forward to the bragging rights while having a good time. 

Our common ground is our sense of humor, realization of the importance of Family, and the abundance of love for each other.  

I am looking forward to a prosperous 2022-2023 school year at Hillside Intermediate School. 

I am confident together, we will soar. 


Kelly Tremlett

Kelly Tremlett

Salem Elementary School

Hi! My name is Kelly Tremlett. Welcome to the Salem School Family. I am so glad you are here and I am looking forward to getting to know your family better.

My role at our school is focused on forming relationships and being a trusted resource. 

  • I am here to improve family engagement and involvement
  • Help families with needs beyond what the school can offer
  • Organize activities and programs for families
  • Develop relationships with local businesses & community partners
  • Post information on ParentSquare and Facebook 

I spend every day in our school offering support to teachers, staff & students, but most of all I am someone you can connect with. I have been a Salem parent for over a decade, and live right in this neighborhood! 

Our family calls ourselves the "Adventure Crew."  We like to explore what Connecticut has to offer for fun family activities, but our favorite thing to do is find new places to try hamburgers. 

I am a Board Member for Connecticut Partnership for Children, a member of the School Readiness Council, on the Parent School Council, as well as a Parent Ambassador. I am also the Alto section leader for the Naugatuck Community Choir. I am an alumni of the Parent Leadership Training Institute and was a founding member of the Naugatuck DEI Committee.  Please reach out to me anytime! I’m available in person, on ParentSquare, via email, and Facebook

Yadira Brenes

Early Childhood Center


How do you connect with families? Being a trusted member of their school community that they can reach out to when they need assistance by email, phone, during drop off in person at the school. A friendly face to welcome them. 

Who are your children? I have 3 children who attend Naugatuck Public Schools

·Why did you become a family liaison? To help and assist families as they navigate their children's school years. 

·What would you like to share about your background and experience? When we lived in NYC I was always very involved in my children’s schools by volunteering and being involved in the school community and now, I want to share my experiences with the Naugatuck community. 

What do you and your family do together? We are a sports family; my boys play baseball and my daughter plays softball. We are Mets fans and love to go to the ball games. We love playing board games and spending time with our extended families.

Ashlee Stabile

City Hill Middle School

How do you connect with families?

As a parent liaison, connecting with families is my top priority. Building a team with strong communication between the school, community and homes help to set our students up for achieving success. I am happy to be available to discuss any worries or concerns and work together to create opportunities and plans to ensure a strong partnership that greatly benefits all. 

Who are your children?

I have a 7-year-old daughter named Aria and was blessed to be the mother of my late daughter, Paige, who passed away suddenly in 2019, just days away from her eighth-grade graduation. With that being said, this middle school age group will forever be near and dear to my heart. 

Why did you become a family liaison?

I was incredibly thankful for the opportunity to serve as a family liaison. Supporting the families of our community is truly a dream come true. I am passionate about the idea of supporting and advocating for families by enlisting family engagement in student academic success by accessing support services.

What would you like to share about your background?

I have a background of working with children and families for over a decade. I have bachelor’s degrees in both Psychology and Sociology. I am a certified Mindfulness Practitioner and coach and am passionate about helping others and spreading positivity.

What do you and your family do together?

I have co-founded a nonprofit organization in my late daughter Paige's memory, and dedicate much of my free time to serving the community and raising funds for academic and sports scholarships. Aside from our volunteer work, my family and I love to go hiking, enjoy all aspects of nature, vacation in Cape Cod and go to Yankee games.