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About the Board

School boards are comprised of citizens, elected or appointed, who work with their superintendents to provide the best education possible in their communities. They devote countless volunteer hours to provide leadership and oversight, and connect the will of the community to the education of its children." - C.A.B.E. 2018

How the Board of Education & Borough of Naugatuck work together

The Naugatuck Board of Education (BOE) consists of 9 members, each of whom serves two years. The BOE and Borough are two separate entities that operate independently of each other yet work together to make our schools successful. Boards of Education in Connecticut have the unique role of serving as agents of the state as well as meeting the needs of the local community.

Regular Board Meetings

The board regularly meets at 7 p.m. on the 2nd Thursday of the month in the Board Chambers of Central Office, at 497 Rubber Avenue in Naugatuck. The entrance to the parking lot is just before the entrance to Naugatuck High School. The entrance to Central Office is to the right of the high school building if you are facing it from the street. 

The Board of Education has 3 Primary Functions:

  • Set policy to carry out the mandates of the general statutes pertaining to education – serving the educational interests of students;
  • Hire and evaluate superintendent to implement the policies of the Board and serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the district; and,
  • Set annual budget and ensure money is used to meet the educational needs of children

Responsibilities of the Board of Education

  • Each town maintains control of its public schools through its Board of Education (CGS §10-240).
  • Boards of Education are responsible for implementing the educational interests of the state (CGS §10-220).
  • Boards of Education provide educational activities which, in its judgment, best serve the interests of the school district (CGS §10-220).
  • A Board of Education serves as a board of directors for the school district.
  • A board of Education acts through its Superintendent of Schools, who is the “Chief Executive Officer” of the school district (CGS §10-157(a)).
  • A Board of Education is a “collective” body; authority resides with the Board and not with the individual members.

Frequently Asked Questions

School Liaison Assignments

NHS City Hill Cross Street Hillside Maple Hill Salem Hop Brook Andrew Ave. Western Central Ave.
Ethel Grant

Jason Celozzi

Erika Clements Pete Hess Erika Clements Pete Hess Alicia Makowski Marilyn O'Donnell

Ethel Grant

Jeffery Litke
Alicia Makowski Bob Mezzo Marilyn O'Donnell Marilyn O'Donnell Bob Mezzo   Jeffery Litke  

Jim Scully




Committee Assignments

Policy Curriculum facilities finance
Chair: Ethel Grant  Chair: Jason Celozzi  Chair: Jim Scully Chair: Marilyn O'Donnell
Erika Clements Erika Clements Alicia Makowski Jason Celozzi
Bob Mezzo Ethel Grant Marilyn O'Donnell Jeffery Litke
Student Representative: Ruby Munro Student Representative: Ruby Munro Bob Mezzo  
Student Representative: Gabriela Sanchez Student Representative: Gabriela Sanchez