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P-EBT Card Q&A

Benefits are pre-loaded onto the card.
All you have to do is select a PIN.
To do this, call 1-888-328-2666.

You will need:
  • The 18-digit card number
  • The date of birth of the child whose name is on the card
  • Enter zeros (0), when asked for an SSN
Do not write your pin on the card and do not let anyone know your PIN. You must protect the EBT card and PIN. Lost or stolen benefits will not be replaced.
For questions, or if you need a replacement EBT card, contact CT DSS Benefit Center at 1-855-626-6632 and follow the prompts.
You will receive a one-time benefit is $364.80 per child.
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits (SNAP) can be used at most grocery stores and many farmers’ markets. Look for the Quest Logo or another sign that states EBT or SNAP is accepted.

If the store’s EBT machine is not working, the store may do a “manual voucher transaction.” They will fill out a form
and ask you to sign it. Make sure the amount is correct before you sign it.
Save your receipt. It will show you information about your SNAP transaction and your available balance.
There are no limits on the dollar amount or number of SNAP transactions you can make each month. EBT card usage is subject to account balance and availability of funds.
Your account may be adjusted to fix system errors. 
Go to the USDA Food and Nutrition Service Website to see a list of eligible items.
You received this P-EBT card because your child listed was receiving Free Meals at their school before it was closed in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In Naugatuck, all of our students receive free meals.

You did not apply for these benefits. You are automatically eligible for these benefits because school is not in session at this time.

It can be used for food items anywhere SNAP/EBT benefits are accepted.

Participation in the program is voluntary. If you choose not to participate in the program, you do not need to call and select a PIN number.

Instead, please dispose of your card by cutting through the magnetic stripe and discard the card in a secure manner.

These benefits are only meant for your household, you should not transfer the card to someone else if you choose not to participate.
If, after visiting this website, you still have questions, contact the CT DSS Benefit Center directly at 1-855-626-6632 and follow the prompts.
All Naugatuck students currently enrolled in grades K-12 are eligible. You do not have to fill anything out to receive your card. Preschool children are not eligible.
The Pandemic Debit Card (P-EBT) is a program by the CT Department of Social Services, not the town or the school system.  They tell us that if students do not attend our schools but receive SNAP,  participate in HUSKY A, or are eligible for free lunch in another school, they will also receive the P-EBT benefit.  The program is designed to help address food insecurity issues during the current COVID crisis.
The benefits cards will be mailed to your home address according to the following schedule:
Phase 1 - Around Late May: Students in households receiving benefits through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
Phase 2 - Around Late May: Students in households directly certified for free school meals based on their enrollment in Medicaid (HUSKY A)
Phase 3 - Around Mid-June: Students not included in Phase 1 or Phase 2 but receiving free or reduced-price school meals when school is in session (e.g., students who are not participating in SNAP/TANF/HUSKY but are enrolled in a CEP school and receiving free school meals; students determined eligible for free or reduced-price school meals through traditional household income applications; and, students who are homeless or in foster care).
No, this benefit is in addition to the school breakfast and lunch program. We will continue serving breakfast and lunch from our 11 current locations through June 30. After June 30, we will start our summer meal program, which may be served from slightly different locations.