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Naugatuck Logo Project

In May 2019, Naugatuck Public Schools launched a new logo to unify our district under one visual identity.
Explore the video and visual materials on this page to learn about how we created the logo and what it means.

Many Perspectives, One Community

Anatomy & Symbolism of our new logo

The new logo consists of an "N" for Naugatuck in a collegiate font denoting stability and tradition.
The negative space of the letter forms the shape of a sitting greyhound. The greyhound has long been Naugatuck High School's mascot. Its position shows it is paying attention, learning, and looking toward a bright future. The logo was designed to allow for endless variations within its form to allow students to express their individual perspectives and showcase the diversity of our district.

Unifying Our District

Why did we need a new logo?

Previously, Naugatuck Public Schools did not have a consistent single logo to represent the district. The Board of Education was using the historic Tuttle House, which is no longer under control of the district, on its business cards and letterhead. Other groups within the district were using different fonts and variations of the letter "N" to represent themselves, with no clear message.

A New Logo: The Process

Involving all our students to create our district identity

  • February 2018: Identified need for a new district logo
  • September 2019: Developed project parameters
  • October 2019: Reached out to art teachers
  • November 2019: Presented plan to the Board of Education
  • Early December 2019: NHS Students submitted logo ideas
  • Late December 2019: Committee chooses new hand-drawn logo shape
  • Early January 2019: Sketch transformed into digital shape
  • January 15, 2019: Blank logos sent to art classes in each school. Students asked to color the logo and answer the question, "What does a Naugatuck education mean to me?"
  • May 17, 2019: New district logo unveiled at district-wide art show

Thank you!

The following people made this project possible.

  • Communications Specialist Laraine Weschler - Project Leader
  • NHS Graphics Teacher John Forish - Project Collaborator
  • NHS Student Sam Tolliver - Sketch artist (original design)
  • NHS Student Alexis Jimenez - Digital artist (converted pencil sketch to vector shape)
  • All district art teachers - For taking the time to implement the project in your classrooms
  • NHS Media Center - For promoting the project and scanning in logos
  • All the NHS student volunteers who helped sort through, scan in, and add metadata to hundreds of colored logos
  • All the students district-wide who added their voice to our district's identity by coloring in their own version of the logo