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Naugatuck Immunization Requirements

Allyson Rovetto M.D., school medical adviser, has issued the following directives for all students new to the Naugatuck Public Schools for the school year 2018-19.

Before Enrollment

All children entering Naugatuck schools for the first time must show written evidence of the following:medications
  1. At least four doses of DPT. The last dose must be given on or after fourth birthday. If immunizations were started at age seven or older, three doses of Td are required, one of which must be a Tdap.
  2. At least three doses of IPV or OPV, the last dose on or after the fourth birthday.
  3. At least two doses of MMR at least 28 days apart. First dose must have been given on or after first birthday.
  4. At least one dose of HIB. At age 12 months or older: if less than five years of age.
  5. Completed series of three doses of Hepatitis B vaccine, last dose on or after 24 weeks of age.
  6. Two doses varicella vaccine or proof of Varicella (chicken pox). First dose on or after first birthday, second dose at least three months from first.
  7. One dose Pneumococcal on or after first birthday if the child is less than five years old.
  8. Two doses Hepatitis A given six calendar months apart, first dose on or after first birthday for Pre-K through Grade 7.
  9. A current physical examination by the family physician or clinic, according to guidelines for grades K,6 & 10.
  10. One dose Meningococcal for grade 7-12.
  11. A tuberculin screening (see #13) and a test for blood lead levels are recommended.
  12. One dose of flu vaccine for pre-K students given between Aug. 1 and Dec. 31 each year they are enrolled in a pre-K program.
  13. Any new requirements will be given to you at the time of registration.
For students originally from high risk countries who are entering school in Connecticut for the first time regardless of BCG immunization, it will be required that a PPD be placed and read before registration can be completed. Students with a history of positive PPD without documentation of the full completed course of INH, or if INH therapy was not administered, will need to present a negative CXR before enrollment. 

After Enrollment

Once children are enrolled in the Naugatuck schools, they must show written evidence of the following:
  1. A physical examination in the 6th and 10th grades before entry into 7th and 11th grades.
  2. One dose of meningococcal vaccine before grades 7-12.
  3. We recommend that students in the Intermediate Vocational Program have a physical examination during their 18th year if they are continuing their education with us.
  4. At each mandated examination, the health practitioner will assess the risk of exposure to tuberculosis. If the child has been determined to be at high risk​, the child needs to be tested