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Tips and Reminders Hop Brook Elementary School boy working on a Chromebook

Support Requests

Over the summer we reimage a large number of computers, update many others and replace some older equipment. We do our best to ensure that all computers and printers are working properly. If you find that you have a piece of equipment that is not working properly, please place a support request.  The IT Department will not be able to address your request without a support request.


Care of Equipment

  • Computers, printers, and interactive whiteboard equipment require very little care over the course of the year. However, dust and debris can build upon them. Please try to keep your Smartboard trays clean and a quick dusting of the front of your computer from time to time will assist in keeping it running smoothly during the school year. Dust build up on the front and back of the computer can cause overheating. You should not eat or drink near your computer equipment. Doing this will keep your keyboard and other equipment clean.
  • Keep your computer equipment free of obstructions and accessible. If we are unable to access your equipment we will be unable to work on it.
  • Do not move your computer. If you find your computer is not in the correct location, please place a support request, and an IT tech will address the issue.
  • Cables and power cords should not be taped to the floor. If you need wire molding or the placement of these cables is resulting in a safety hazard, please report this to the IT Department. We will work with you on a solution to the issue.   Do not move or place or secure equipment without advising /coordinating with the IT Department.
  • Refrigerators, microwaves, coffee pots, or any other electrical devices should not be used in classrooms unless there is a special need that has been approved by your administrator. We have found refrigerators and other small appliances stored near or on the same cart or table with computer equipment.   This can cause damage to computer equipment and also pose a safety hazard to students and staff.

Personal Computers, Scanners and Printers

  • Personal equipment is not allowed on the district network nor will it be supported by the IT Department. Please refer to the district Acceptable Use Policy for more detailed information.

Computer Security

  • Always secure your computer when leaving your desk.   By pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete you can lock your computer. To unlock, just type in your password.
  • At the end of the day, please be sure to log off your computer.
  • Do not shut your computer off. Important updates are installed at night that requires your computer to be on.
  • Please keep your username and password confidential. Do not post your username and password or share this information with others.