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Caroline Gordon Messenger

Director of Curriculum

"Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."
- Red Queen, Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll


Learning has defined my entire world. Every opportunity in my life has been an opportunity to learn something new, exciting, and life-changing. I think I have the best job on the planet. I get to work with teachers, principals, coaches, students and parents every day to create amazing, complex learning experiences that challenge and Mrs. Messenger and her daughter.engage all of our students every day in all of our schools. We are currently constructing a Humanities curriculum K-8 where our students explore their world through relevant social and cultural contexts. They are empowered to select books that are meaningful to them and engage in inquiry borne from questions they have about the world. Our students explore questions about why societies and cultures write fiction and how we truly understand ourselves, our history, and the legacy left to us by others. 
Students also explore phenomena as they engage each other in understanding how the world works and how science and math are ways in which we can describe, quantify and understand our world. They have opportunities to connect art, music and physical education to contexts of their learning and conduct their own research - from kindergarten through senior year of high school. 
We build learning experiences in Naugatuck that bring the Vision of the Graduate alive. It is our goal that all students in Naugatuck are innovators, communicators, informed citizens, responsible citizens, researchers, and problem solvers. 
  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Michigan
  • Master of Arts in oral traditions, Graduate Institute
  • Masters of Philosophy (PhM) in sociology of education, Lancaster University (U.K.)
  • Educational Leadership, University of Bridgeport
Years teaching: 18
Years in Naugatuck Schools: 14
A few of my favorite things: My cat, Scout, and my dog, Poppy. I love to read, go to Broadway shows with my daughter and play video games with my son, attend ComicCons, go to the movies, and travel.
A fun fact about me: The first time I went to DisneyWorld, I was 28 years old. My family and I have visited DisneyWorld, DisneyLand, and Universal Studios in Hollywood and California.
My publications: