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FAQ for DCF Electronic Reporting

FAQ for DCF Electronic Reporting

Q: Who is eligible to use the Electronic Reporting Process?
A: Mandated Reporters in schools who are reporting non-emergent suspicions of abuse or neglect.

Q: How do I determine if my suspicion is non-emergent?
A: A non-emergent suspicion is defined as a circumstance wherein there is suspicion of abuse or neglect and
the alleged victim, or similarly situated minor, is not presenting:
  • In immediate harm
  • With need for urgent or emergent medical or mental health care
  • With a realistic fear of further abuse or neglect within the next 24 hours
  • As at risk of being inaccessible within the next 24 hours

Q: What do I do if my suspicion does not meet these criteria?
A: You must contact the DCF Careline at 800-842-2288 and make an oral report followed by submitting the
DCF-136 form, per usual process.

Q: How does the Electronic Reporting Process work?
A: A Mandated Reporter will complete the “Electronic Report of Non-Emergent Child Abuse or Neglect” PDF.
It is important to read the document and provide as much detail as you have regarding the demographics and the incident. Upon completion, that PDF should be sent as an attachment to Upon submission, the sender will receive a confirmation of receipt email. The DCF Careline will review the information provided, and as is done with oral reports, will determine acceptance status and response time. Electronic Reports will be received Monday through Friday between 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. to accommodate school personnel. As a Mandated Reporter Once such a decision is made on your referral as a Mandated Reporter, you will receive an email (Mandated Reporter letter) with the acceptance status.

Q: If I submit an electronic report, and prior to DCF responding, the child’s circumstances change and it is now
emergent, what should I do?
A: Contact the DCF Careline immediately at 800-842-2288.

Q: I am not able to open the PDF, what should I do?
A: Your PDF viewer needs to be updated to the latest version of Adobe Reader. Follow the instructions that are provided after the “Please wait…” message when trying to open the attachment.
Q: How can I ensure my responsibilities are fulfilled as a Mandated Reporter?
A: You have met your legal responsibilities by:
  • Making a report or ensuring that a report has been filed within 12 hours of becoming aware of a suspicion of abuse or neglect.
  • By providing as much information as reasonably possible.
  • Ensuring that only non-emergent matters are submitted electronically.
If these conditions are not met, you have not met your responsibility as a Mandated Reporter, and are subject to penalty per C.G.S.17a-28, §17a-101 et seq.; §46b-120.
The form is meant to be used in Adobe Reader.
Per DCF you must download the form and then open it with Adobe Reader so it can be opened and populated. You cannot use a Chromebook, phone or iPad to use this form - it must be done from a Mac or PC.