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Student & Family Handbook 2018.2019 » Property, Lockers and Equipment

Property, Lockers and Equipment

It is the policy of the Board to hold students responsible for any loss of or damage to the property of the school under the jurisdiction of the Board when the loss or damage occurs through fault of the student.

Any student damaging or defacing school property will be financially liable for restoring the property regardless of the condition of the property at the time of the destructive act, in addition to any other discipline up to and including arrest or civil prosecution as deemed appropriate.

In addition, anyone who witnesses such an act and fails to report it to the proper authorities will be considered as having contributed to that action. Such charges for damaged property will be exactly those which the school must incur to repair the damage.
Each student is assigned a desk, hall locker and/or other equipment. These items are the property of the school, loaned to students for their convenience during the school year, should be kept in good order and not abused.

Searches of desks or lockers may be conducted at any time there is reasonable cause to believe that they contain articles or materials prohibited by district policy. Parents will be notified if any prohibited items are found in the student’s desk or locker.
Students should not attempt to repair school equipment but should notify the main office immediately if it isn’t functioning properly. Any damage done will be the responsibility of the person to whom it was loaned for the current year. Students are warned not to bring large sums of money or valuables to school, liability for these items remains with the student.