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Student & Family Handbook 2018.2019 » Distribution of Materials

Distribution of Materials

Printed materials may be distributed to parents by students as a means of communication. All requests from groups or individuals to have students distribute materials to the community, with the exception of school-connected organizations, will be referred to the office of the superintendent to determine whether the request complies with school policy.

The principal or his/her designee may approve such distribution providing:
  • The material is related to the school, community, local recreational or civic activity.
  • The material does not relate to any religious belief or activity, or promote private gain.
  • The material does not promote any outside governmental political party, candidate or position.
  • Does not promote profit making organizations.
  • Does not advocate a position regarding a referendum question.

Materials that have a religious content may be made available to students during non-instructional time. The district has the right to impose neutral time, place and manner restrictions on the dissemination of religious materials to ensure that students are aware that the materials are not endorsed or sponsored by the district.

Publications prepared by or for the school may be posted or distributed, with prior approval by the principal, sponsor or teacher. Such items include school posters, brochures, school newspapers and yearbook.