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Student & Family Handbook 2018.2019 » Conduct


The Naugatuck Public Schools develops children who are responsible for their behavior and are contributing members of our community. The Vision of our Graduate identifies expected student behavior as follows:

The Responsible Citizen

  • Participates positively with our community and engages in developing solutions to local problems and issues
  • Accepts responsibility for personal decisions and actions
  • Acts ethically and responsibly
  • Recognizes and respects diversity
  • Demonstrates civic literacy
  • Demonstrates awareness of personal and social health and wellness
  • Acts with empathy and kindness

The Researcher

Generates and manages data from a variety of sources to make sense of their thinking and their world
Understands the past to make sense of the future
Challenges the veracity and validity of information
Analyzes and evaluates information to inform thinking
Uses a variety of media and technological tools to find, analyze and make sense of information
Generates thoughtful questions and hypotheses about relevant problems and issues and develops a process to address them
Sources information through new, uncommon, unusual (e.g., adult experts, local businesses) ways or places

The Informed Thinker

  • Acquires and applies information across disciplines and in real-world contexts
  • Evaluates, analyzes and synthesizes information from a variety of sources
  • Demonstrates understanding and knowledge of Humanities, Science, Math, Technology and the Arts
  • Reflects critically on learning and life experiences and seeks opportunities to grow
  • Effectively analyzes and evaluates evidence, arguments, claims and beliefs, and alternative points of view
  • Promotes, develops and contributes thoughtfully to divergent and original perspectives

The Innovator

  • Takes risks and learns from failure
  • Is curious and imaginative
  • Innovates, invents, imagines and dreams
  • Applies knowledge in new contexts and across disciplines
  • Collaborates effectively with others to create new ideas and solutions
  • Actively engages in and takes ownership of their learning
  • Produces striking, distinct, unique, and well-crafted works
  • Demonstrates originality in thinking and design of solutions to a variety of problems and obstacles
  • Understands the purpose driving the creative process (What does this contribute to society? How do I see my world? How can I make my world better?) and goes beyond convention when shaping ideas
  • Uses a multitude of ways to generate original ideas and process them in order to select the best, most effective, imaginative ones
  • Seeks out critique and feedback to review, revise and refine work

The Problem Solver

  • Uses relevant information and technology to solve problems
  • Collaborates with others to generate new and unique solutions
  • Designs questions, makes predictions, generates data and collects information
  • Analyzes and evaluates data and information to draw conclusions
  • Identifies patterns, trends and relationships in order to generate solution
  • Perseveres, even in the face of failure, obstacles and challenges
  • Recognizes the need for specific, accurate, reliable information when making decisions and setting a course of action
  • Applies knowledge to set personal, intellectual and professional goals
  • Applies knowledge in new and unfamiliar contexts
  • Demonstrates initiative and independence
  • Demonstrates flexibility, including the ability to learn, unlearn and relearn
  • Demonstrates reliability and concern for quality

The Communicator

  • Speaks and listens effectively for a variety of purposes
  • Uses evidence and coherence appropriately in communication
  • Structures and organizes communication in English and at least one other language
  • Communicates strategically for a variety of purposes and audiences
  • Uses a variety of modes of expression (visual, spoken, written, performing arts, etc.), including the effective use of technology, to create and share ideas
  • Uses interpersonal skills to learn and work with individuals from diverse backgrounds