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Math Instruction K-6

Pearson's Math Program

Naugatuck Public Schools has adopted Pearson's enVisions 2.0 math program for grades K-6 and Pearson's Digits Math Program for grades 7-8. Both programs help us to achieve the instructional model of problem-based learning.

Problem-based learning

Problem-based learning means building a deep conceptual understanding through problem solving, creative thinking, critical thinking and metacognitive processes to access content. Students use knowledge to interpret, gather, identify, evaluate and present information about problems in real-world contexts in order to organize and build new knowledge and understandings.  In problem-based learning, collaboration and the context of the problem drives mathematical thinking and reasoning while the teacher facilitates and scaffolds the process. In this way, students can clarify their own misconceptions and transfer what they know to problems that matter in the world.

 We reflect and collaborate together to help all students achieve in mathematics.