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Welcome to Naugatuck Public Schools! Group of students drawing on pavement with chalk

We can't wait to meet your child(ren) and welcome them to our Naugatuck family!
Eligibility: Children of Naugatuck residents who will be five years old on or before Jan. 1, 2023, are eligible to start kindergarten in the school year 2022-23.
If you are registering for kindergarten for the 2022-23 school year, please call the school your child will be attending to schedule a time to drop off the Connecticut Health Assessment Recordand any other required documentation you have not yet uploaded. Please also bring your child's original immunization records for review.
If you are registering for Grades 1-12, or transferring into Naugatuck from another district in the current school year, please call Central Registration at (203) 720-5265 or email shirley.[email protected] to schedule a time to drop off the Connecticut Health Assessment Record, and any other required documentation you have not yet uploaded. Please also bring your child's original immunization records for review.
Your child's registration is not complete until we have reviewed all your paperwork. You will receive a call from us to confirm their registration.
Hours: The offices are open to accept enrollment from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday by appointment only.
Location: 497 Rubber Ave. The office is located to the right of the high school, in the same building. There is a separate parking entrance on Rubber Avenue. 
Please fill out the COVID Screening Form for Visitors prior to entering a Naugatuck Public Schools building.

New Families

Please gather the following documents:


1. Two Proofs of Residency

The legal residence of a student will be determined by the residence of the parents/guardians with whom the student is living. Proof of residency can be validated by providing two documents.
You must have one of the following:
  • Naugatuck Deed
  • Current Naugatuck Mortgage statement
  • Current Naugatuck Rental agreement
  • Notarized statement from the property owner in Naugatuck
And at least one of the following:
  • Utility bill of parent/guardian (electric, gas or water) - Must include postmark
  • Real estate or personal property tax bill of parent/guardian - Must include postmark
  • Or other form of documentation approved by the Superintendent

2. Proof of Guardianship 

Guardianship may be established with the following documentation:
  • Full size original (no copies accepted) birth certificate showing the name(s) of parent(s)
  • Passport
  • Probate court documents showing transfer of guardianship
  • Valid photo ID of the parent/guardian listed on birth certificate or passport or probate documents (used for identification purposes only).
  • Probate forms
  • Pamphlet explaining transfer of guardianship
Guardians of any child attending Naugatuck Public Schools must provide proof of guardianship by submitting to the Superintendent of Schools a copy of a court order from a Connecticut Court appointing the adult as guardian of the student.
In the event that an application for guardianship has been filed and a hearing is pending in Court, then a copy of the application filed with the Court, with the Court’s date stamp shall be acceptable until a final Court order is obtained appointing said adult as permanent or temporary guardian of the child. This Court order shall be provided to the Superintendent of Schools as soon as it is obtained, but no later than 120 days from the submission of the pending application for guardianship. Temporary guardianship must be renewed annually on the anniversary date of the original order, and paperwork provided to the Superintendent of Schools.

3. Proof of Immunization

See the immunization requirements under our health services department.

4. Birth Certificate

The long form with the seal is required. 

5. Completed State of Connecticut medical form

This is the blue form with an up-to-date physical record. You can download it from the paperwork menu or contact the school that your child will be attending for a copy.

Existing Families

Change of Address or Guardianship reported by family:

  • School sends letter to family requesting proof of residency or guardianship (same proof as required for new families) within two weeks of notifying school of change.
  • If family does not produce proof, a “Possible Non-Resident” referral is submitted to the Superintendent’s office and a second letter is generated from central office.

If School Suspects Change of Address or Guardianship:

The school will follow the procedure outlined below:
  1. School sends a certified, return receipt letter requesting that the family update or verify the existing residency or guardianship information within 10 days.
  2. If letter comes back undeliverable or the family does not respond within 10 days, the school notifies the Superintendent’s office of suspicions with the “Possible Non-Resident” referral.
  3. Central Office generates a “Report of Non-Resident Student” and sends it to the family.

Possible evidence that warrants suspicion of non-residency:

  1. Photos of students at a non-Naugatuck address
  2. Returned mail
  3. Documented tip
  4. Anecdotal reports from students or others
  5. Court/public documents
  6. Newspapers (police blotter, etc.)
  7. Bus company reports (on “Suspicion of Non-Residency” form)
  8. Home visits
  9. Refusal of parent/guardian to show driver’s license

Determination that Student is a Non-resident

  • If verification of guardianship or residency is not substantiated, an eviction notice letter from the Superintendent’s office will be generated within 10 days of determining the child is a non-resident and sent certified, return receipt to the family with a copy sent to the school.
  • If the family returns to Naugatuck, they must go through the process for a new family.

Central Office Enrollment

497 Rubber Ave.

Enrollment Paperwork

Please fill out the following forms and either submit them electronically or bring them with you when you come to enroll. 

Everyone must fill out:

If you do not own or rent the property where you live, fill out: