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Energize your day. Eat School breakfast! United States Department of Agriculture.

As we all recognize that hungry children cannot learn, the first step is ensuring that all students begin the school day with a nutritious breakfast at home or at school. We offer a nutritious school breakfast for your children every morning at all schools.

Studies show that children who eat a nutritious breakfast are more attentive in class, score higher on standardized tests, and are healthier than those children who do not eat breakfast.  Many families do not have time to fit a balanced breakfast into their busy morning schedules.  The School Breakfast Program exists to make sure all parents can be sure their children are getting the nutritious breakfast they need to start off their day right. 

The School Breakfast Program is available to all students every school day in the morning before school starts at the elementary, Intermediate and Middle schools, at the High Schools before school starts & during the café study halls. Your child can attend every day or occasionally. These supervised meals provide your child with one-fourth of their nutritional needs each day.