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Website accessibility

Dear Naugatuck Community,


I hope by now you’ve had a chance to explore the beautiful new website we launched over the summer.


While we worked hard to make it user-friendly and visually appealing, some of the most important work we did can’t be seen.


With our new website, we’ve taken great strides to make the content we post online accessible to all members of our community.


Inclusive design means that everyone should have equivalent access to information. The good news is that designing this way makes the user experience better for everyone, not just those with disabilities.


For people in our community who have visual, motor, hearing or cognitive impairments, the internet has opened up a whole world of information that is easier to access than ever before. However, website developers need to build that content with accessibility in mind.


Just like public buildings require ramps and wider doors to accommodate people in wheelchairs, websites need to have certain markers in the HTML to make them easier to navigate.


With hundreds of documents on our website, it is not easy to make everything 100% accessible. That’s why we have a plan to convert most of our online content to accessible versions over time. We’re striving to meet the guidelines set forth by an international group of experts.


Our community is stronger when everyone has equal access to information.


Read our website accessibility statement.

Learn more about web accessibility.



Laraine Weschler

Communications Specialist