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Welcome to Naugatuck Public Schools! 

We can't wait to meet your child(ren) and welcome them to our Naugatuck school community! All school-age students residing in Naugatuck are entitled to attend Naugatuck Public Schools. We look forward to getting to know your child and help them feel at home at any one of our highly regarded schools. 

Registration for residents new to Naugatuck is conducted throughout the year. 

Prior to enrolling a child in Naugatuck, we require proof of residency and proof of age. Permanent residency is required (the student physically resides in Naugatuck with an intention to remain). Land Ownership, taxpayer, or business ownership does not confer residency privileges for school enrollment purposes.

In order to enroll your child, you will need to complete the following steps:

  • Step 1: Determine which school your child will be attending. Look up which school your child will attend here.
  • Step 2: Complete online Pre-Enrollment Form. Create a parent account in PowerSchool and complete the remaining Registration Forms found in the Forms section of PowerSchool.
  • Step 3: Gather documentation listed below. 
  • Step 4: Contact the Board of Education at (203) 720-5265 to make an appointment to bring in completed CT Health Assessment filled out by your doctor and hard copies of required documents below. 


Central Office Enrollment


497 Rubber Ave.

Enrollment Paperwork

Please fill out the following forms and either submit them electronically or bring them with you when you come to enroll. 

If you do not own or rent the property where you live, fill out:

Residency Form