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Who we are

Students cheering at pep rally

Naugatuck Public Schools

The Naugatuck School District serves over 4,000 students from pre-kindergarten to grade 12, with continuing education for adults. We have 1 early childhood center5 elementary schools (kindergarten through 4th grade), 2 intermediate schools (grades 5 & 6), 1 middle school (grade 7 & 8) and 1 high school (grades 9-12). We also have a school for adults seeking to complete their GED, earn a high school diploma, learn English, and continue their education through arts, technology, exercise, personal development, and culinary skills.

Our newly renovated high school features state-of-the-art science laboratories, pristine turf fields, a beautiful auditorium and swimming pool with stadium seating. This $81 million investment is providing the perfect space for students grow into graduates who are responsible citizens, researchers, innovators, informed thinkers, communicators and problem solvers.

During the past three years, the Board of Education has invested heavily in teaching and learning. Our schools have been equipped with new technology, books and curricula. More importantly, we have cultivated a culture with a focus on developing happy and curious learners who collaborate to solve problems. The investment is paying off; our math results on the Smarter Balanced Assessment improved by twelve percentage points!

Naugatuck Public Schools employs about 574 full-time equivalent positions, including 300 certified teachers. 

Our Mission 

is to cultivate a community of learners who:

  • Are responsible and engaged community members
  • Demonstrate initiative, persistence and adaptability
  • Are curious and value risk taking as part of the learning process
  • Access and analyze information and formulate an opinion
  • Communicate effectively
  • Work individually and on teams to solve real world problems

NPS at a Glance

  • 12 Schools / programs
  • 4,300 Students
  • 89.6% Graduation rate
  • 875 Staff Members

Students throw balls in the air at graduation
Student smiling, spreading arms under parachute.
Students pointing and smiling at concert.
Two students playing clapping game.
Student scooting on scooter.
Student hurdling over stick.
Student smiling at desk.
Four students hugging and smiling.
Student smiling and holding recorder at concert.
Student smiling at concert.
Student playing piano.
Students celebrating kindergarten graduation.
student running.
Student jumping and smiling.
Two students holding hands and twirling.
Students dancing.
Four students dancing, smiling.
adult education graduate smiles and gives a thumbs up as she walks across stage
Adult student painting and smiling
Adult education citizenship students recite the pledge of allegiance.
adult education graduates smiling on stage at graduation
Adult students painting
adult education graduate smiling and holding diploma
adult education graduate smiling with balloon
Adult ed student smiling as she walks across the stage at graduation
Student with big smile.
Student smiling in classroom.
Teacher reading to students.
Paraeducator working with smiling student.
Student gives peace sign at dance.
Students wearing sun glasses.
student and teacher dressed like a mouse holding a giant cookie
Student with pink bunny ears working in class
Teacher speaking with students and parents at summer reading kickoff
Six students in character costumes.
Students smiling during field day
Students cheering at assembly
student raising hand in class
parent reading to students in class
student dancing with scarves
Students laughing and spraying water at each other
student running during field day with leaky cup held over head
students cheering outside during field day
Students hugging each other
students smiling and waving arms at field day
Two students and two teachers hugging and smiling.
Band performing.
Two students chasing each other.
Student running and smiling.
Big group of students cheering.
Choir singing concert.
Happy students dancing.
Students singing in choir.
Student performing on stage to excited audience.
Two students hugging.
Students playing instruments.
Students pulling rope.
Students playing basketball.
Boy Scouts holding flag.
Students picking up trash on Earth Day.
students cheer during kickball game
Two students laughing at dance.
Students smiling in college t-shirts
Students carrying wreath for Memorial Day Ceremony
Baseball player batting
Students protesting against gun violence.
Students reciting pledge of allegiance.
Students winning awards at graduation ceremony.
student jumping during track meet
Student shooting basketball during game
students singing in choir
Students throw balls in the air during graduation
Principal John Harris dunked in water
Student plays the piano on stage
Students cheering at pep rally

Naugatuck Public Schools History

Colonial & Early National Period

The first school in Naugatuck was built in 1731, 29 years after the first white settlers moved to the area. It was built in what was then a section of Waterbury called Judds Meadow. Judd's Meadow eventually became Salem Bridge and then Naugatuck. 

Over the next 200 years, five or six school districts were formed in various parts of Naugatuck, with each district controlling its own school.

Naugatuck finally consolidated all its schools under one district in 1920.

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