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Differentiated Instruction

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Teacher Time Savers
Teacher Time Savers resource
Tiered Assignments
Tiered Assignments - home page has more strategies
Epson BrightLink
Epson BrightLink User Guide

Staff Links
Craving information and resources? If you’re looking for the answer to a particular question and only want to go to one site instead of Googling it, then may be the place for you. This site uses the combined information of an encyclope
Naugatuck District Schools MAP
Google map of Naugatuck Public School District schools
Quick references
FREE Quick references for selected Microsoft, Apple, Adobe software
The Story of Stuff
The story of consumption and waste in America
Themis Project
Classroom materials for Aurora borealis studies grade 6-12.
"Understanding the physics behind the THEMIS science requires some understanding of magnetic fields, charged particles, forces, motions, and energy. We have created three teacher's guides.
Teacher References
Common Core of Learning
Common Core of Learning

Key Resources - Curriculum and Instruction
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