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Naugatuck School District Security Department

Edward Bozenski, Director




The Naugatuck School District Security Department strives to ensure a safe and secure environment. It is comprised of seven security guards. The Naugatuck High School day program employs five day school security guards, one Resource Officer assigned by the Naugatuck Police Department and one night school guard. One guard is also assigned to the City Hill Intermediate School day program.

The security department augments the administration to help keep a safe, law-abiding environment. When necessary, they conduct investigations and report school discipline issues and violations of law to the proper authorities. Surveillance cameras and intrusion alarms are utilized at all Naugatuck schools. Our mission is to provide the necessary elements to ensure the least disruption of the teaching and learning process. This applies to both students and staff members.



SchoolMessenger is a notification system integrated with Power School. We use it in the event of a school emergency or special informative situation. The program uses technology that facilitates rapid parent notification through several communication channels.  


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